Caring for Roses

Growing roses can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the garden. The fragrances spread throughout and, the lush foliage and variations of blooms add quite a bright crisp appearance to any garden area.

The debate continues amongst many persons on the “ease of growing roses”. One thing is clear, while it is not a difficult plant to care for, the more attention and best practices observed, ensure more profound results.

Rose plants require adequate watering, however overwateing is undesirable. They need good drainage, the roots should never sit in water. The rose bed or container should be soaked slowly and thoroughly to a depth of 12 inches or more.

Deep watering encourages rooting and increased drought tolerance. Watering deeply every 3 to 5 days is preferred to shallow daily watering. Late afternoon watering is discouraged especially if method of watering causes wetting of the foliage. This is aimed at reducing the disease development as a result of wet leaves in the late evening. A good indicator of water needs, the top 1” of the soil in bed or container being dry.

Most rose plants require regular feeding in order to produce excellent qualtity blooms. A monthly soil applied dry blend fertilizer of 11-22-22 or 14-28-14 at a rate of one (1) ounce per plant. A soluble fertilizer treatment can be applied as a supplement every 7-14 days to maintain plant vigour. These can be applied at a rate of one (1) Tablespoon per Gallon of water, sprayed unto foliage or as general watering to the rate zone.